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India's growth story shall be written on the canvas of
"Planned Urban Development"

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In view of spread of Corona Virus (COVID-19) and subsequent Lock-Down in the country, all the Government Ministries, Departments, Attached / Subordinate Offices and other Organizations are requested to Register their Organization through ePublish option available on eGazette Portal for the purpose of e-Publishing of Gazette Notifications, so as to avoid the delivery of Authenticated Documents to the concerned Printing Press either through Messenger or through official email of JS & above as Approving Authority of the Notification along with Mobile No. (presently adopted in view of the Lock-Down for verification by concerned Press temporarily) to fast track the Notification uploading. Already registered Organizations are also requested to use the option of Submitting Notification through eGazette Portal using Digital Signature. Organizations / Departments / Offices may avail the help regarding pre-requisites and guide for the Registration through Help Option available in ePublish / Organization Registration Menu.